Or at least I thought they were done.

Or at least I thought they were done.

I thought I had torqued the left tank’s bulkhead fitting down sufficiently when I installed the flop tube. But while preparing the tanks for leak checks, I torqued a sealing cap onto the bulkhead fitting and the fitting shifted despite being torqued and prosealed in place. So…I pulled off the access plate, cleaned off the cured proseal, torqued down the bulkhead fitting a bit more, and replaced the access plate. What fun. Really. Can’t you tell by the expression on my face?

This sucks

To get my hand inside the tank far enough to get a wrench on the bulkhead fitting, I had to cut the anti-hangup guide away and rivet a new piece of aluminum after the bracket was finished.

New crosspiece on anti-hangup guide

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