Ok, so the tanks aren’t completely done

Ok, so the tanks aren’t completely done – in particular, the left one. I was never really happy with the flop tube installation and the ability to properly torque the AN924 bulkhead nut that holds the flop tube in place. So to address this, I pulled the access plate off and drilled out the rivets holding the anti-hangup guide in place.

Using some spare 1/8″ angle I fabricated an anti-rotation bracket similar to that installed in the right tank, eyeballed a location that would allow the flop tube to position correctly in the tank, drilled it to the inboard rib, and riveted it into place.
After that, I reinstalled and safety-wired the flop tube with a new AN elbow fitting and then re-riveted the anti-rotation bracket. A little proseal, a fresh cork gasket and some screws…and the job was complete.

Left tank resealed

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