Start on the vertical stab

We’re still waiting for PRC-DeSoto to deliver the primer we ordered almost a month ago. While horizontal stab construction is on hold, I started the vertical stab. First step is to cleco the rear spar doubler to the spar itself.

I also edge-finished, straightened and fluted all ribs. While doing this for the HS, I wound up with some scratches on the inside radius of some ribs – I think they were from my hand seamer. At any rate, they’re a pain in the butte to polish out, so this time around I covered the seamer faces with thick duct tape, and lined the inside of each rib with Scotch removable masking tape (the blue stuff you see on each rib). Worked great – no scratches.

Next step…clecoing the frame together. This whole process goes much quicker after doing it on the horizontal stabs!

DVD of the day…wait for it…classic Monty Python, including “Upper-Class Twit of the Year” and the Spanish Inquisition sketch.

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