Dusted off all those left aileron parts

With the with flaps done, I dusted off all those left aileron parts and jumped back into finishing it up. First order of business was to do the final bend on the trailing edge. I used the bending brake I had made previously, but wasn’t getting that nice 3/16″ radius called for in the plans.

So I started experimenting with my hand seamer (no jokes, please). Some other builders have used them to do the final trailing edge bend, but I was wary about the seamer edges putting crimps in the aileron skin. So I hit on the idea of taping strips of 0.025″ alclad to the seamer’s jaws to distributed the seamer’s clamping force a little more evenly.

Modified hand seamer

That worked like a champ, and with the dowels still taped in place, I was able to get the bend radius right where I wanted it.

Bent left aileron