Paint booth in Maine

Got a lot of work done on the flaps this weekend. Friday was a day off for me, so I spent the afternoon prepping and alodining small flap and aileron parts – ribs, stiffeners, brackets and spacers.

It was too cold to spray and scrub the larger flap and aileron parts outside, so early the next morning I hauled those parts over to the Hanscom Aero Club hangar and did all the cleaning, scrubbing and alumi prepping there – nobody minds a wet floor as long as you clean up after yourself. With that done, I packed up everything including primer, spray gun and miscellaneous supplies and headed up to Maine where my friend Antony Parchment, RV-7 builder and all-around great guy, allowed me to use his paint booth to get all those parts primed.

Antony’s paint booth is wicked great – it’s collapsible and folds against one wall when he’s not using it. I helped him assemble it and got right to work priming. Here’s the booth…sorry for the crappy pictures, I did ’em with my cell phone.
And here’s the flap/aileron priming in progress.
Meanwhile, Antony worked on fitting steps to his RV-7 fuselage.

After a hard day’s work, we hunkered down on some great Japanese food in Portland with Antony’s wife and a neighborhood friend. I packed everything up and motored back to Boston. A hard 15-hour RV workday, but worth it. Mission accomplished!

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