Edge distances are muy bueno

I’ve gone awhile without an update – too much work stuff getting in the way of building! In the last week I finished match-drilling the left horizontal stab, then assembled the right horizontal stab frame and clecoed it to the skin. After prep work on the inboard ribs, I match-drilled them to the front and rear spar, again using a 12″ #30 bit. It worked even better this time than before.

Edge distances are muy bueno – I’m relieved. A screw-up here would mean redoing a lot of work.

After finishing up the right HS match-drilling, I disassembled everything. Had several kinds of fun finishing edges with the scotchbrite wheel, then deburring holes. Following that, dimpled the frame with the pneumatic squeezer – once again, the squeezer is one tool that’s worth the expense. The skins still require edge finishing, deburring and dimpling.

DVD of the day – ‘Monty Python’s Flying Circus, Volume 3’. The ‘Lumberjack Song’ really makes tedious work go faster.