The horizontal stab is complete!

The horizontal stab is complete!

Not too many problems here, except that I had to work a bit getting the remaining #30 rivets to fit in the frame. After some problems using the thin-nose no-hole yoke on the vertical stab, I seem to have mastered the art of using it.

Because the no-hole yoke is thinner, it flexes more as the squeezer ram develops more force when moving toward the end of its stroke. This flexing was causing slanted and/or cleated shop heads when I first used it on the vertical stab. By using a longer (1/2 inch) flush set the squeezer engages the rivet with slightly less force, not deflecting the no-hole yoke as much but still with enough force to form a good shop head.

Here’s another picture, this time without the blue plastic. Van’s recommends removing it to prevent corrosion…so I did.

And here’s one more picture…I like that shiny alclad!

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