Sketchy plans

HS skin trimming

The plans are kinda sketchy on how to check elevator fitment on the HS. After some web surfing and questioning other builders, I came to the conclusion that the elevators seem to be fitting ok. The elevator counterweight arms are parallel to the HS skins, and there doesn’t appear to be any binding – yet. With the counterweight arms clamped to the HS, the elevators also appear to be aligned in trail. The control horns don’t quite line up with each other, but from what I can determine from VAFWWW and the Matronics list, they don’t have to.

After the HS skins were trimmed sufficiently to allow the elevators to swing freely, I used a digital level to check elevator range of motion. Looks like the elevators have a few degrees’ margin of up-travel before they contact the HS skins, and according to Van’s there is no minimum spacing requirement between the elevator skins and HS. So as long as they swing freely, I think I’m good to go. If you’re reading this and know something different, please don’t hesitate to email me!

The next step is to trim some HS flange material away to allow the elevator control arms to reach maximum down-travel. I debated doing this before riveting the HS spar together, and now wish that I had. Some substantial care will now be required to avoid damaging the spar stiffeners.