Motivation is going again!

VS frame riveted and clecoed into its skin

I’ve been on travel for the last couple of weeks, but finally got back to the airplane. A trip to the annual EAA Chapter 486 RV Forum got my motivation going again!

VS nose rib scratches polished out

Riveting the root rib, nose rib and front spar together proved to be a problem for me. I was being a little too cautious in bending the nose rib out of the way, and thus cleated a couple of rivets. Considering using blind rivets, I called Van’s to find out which ones would work. Turns out that an LP4-3 would work fine, but I decided to give solid rivets one more try and everything worked ok except for…

…some scratches from the bucking bar. Some fine emery cloth and a scotchbrite pad polished ’em right out.

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