Getting a look at our engine parts

Today I visited Tim Hess to look at the Superior XP-360 parts that Tim will be assembling into the Mighty RV’s engine.

Tim and the engine parts cart

I was really impressed with Superior’s parts kit…everything organized very neatly.

Dave's crankcase

It’s almost a shame to paint this beautiful gold-alodined crankcase, but Ellen and I have agreed that the crankcase will be painted red.

Dave's cold air sump

Here’s the Superior cold-air sump. I was impressed with the casting and milling, and Tim pointed out several areas where the Superior sump is better than the stock Lycoming part which embeds the intake tubes in hot sump oil.

One of Dave's cylindersAnd here’s one of the cylinders. ┬áThese aren’t going to be painted…they’re just too nice to cover up. Superior makes very nice parts…

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