2 thoughts on “Tearing a new orifice

  1. First of all, thank you for sharing your building experience. You should know that it really helps builder like me all around the world.

    I also have a Superior XP-360 (Barret Precision built, constant speed propeller) and wondered if you used Van’s IO-360 guide for the FW penetrations (throttle, mix etc.) from OP-33. Did you, or in hindsight, change anything ?

    • Hi Bjorn,

      You’re absolutely welcome!

      I’m not at the shop but I’m pretty sure I used OP-33 for the mixture and prop cable holes. I used OP-32 for the fuel line passthrough to the fuel injection servo. My IO-360 uses a Precision Airmotive Silverhawk FI servo and the throttle and mixture controls lined up pretty well with the OP-33 holes. One thing to watch is the length of the mixture cable – I had Spruce make up a custom cable because the stock one from Vans was too short.

      Hope this answers your question, standing by for more!



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