Fabricating a pickup screen

A couple of weeks ago I received the brass screen I ordered from McMaster-Carr. I needed to finish up the right tank’s fuel pickup, so I broke out the wire cutters, soldering iron and solder to fabricate a pickup screen.

This turned out to be a lot easier than I anticipated; the only trick was keeping the screen from unraveling while cutting and forming it. Running a bead of solder along one edge of the screen ‘locks’ the individual brass wires in place, making it easy to roll into a cylinder using a piece of 3/8″ aluminum tube as a mandrel. Solder the long side of the cylinder together with more solder, trim the excess screen away then close the end – and voila, a pickup screen.

Flop tube pickup with safety wire

Before somebody emails me, yes, I do know now that Van’s sells a pre-made fuel pickup with screen. But I already had the screen on order when I found out, so I decided to experiment – and it was easy to make an acceptable screen. I’ll probably continue to experiment with this over then next couple of days.

2 thoughts on “Fabricating a pickup screen

  1. need help! where to buy brass screen and what size, I have to fabricate for a Ferrari pickup tube in the fuel tank. Sorry for the bother help needed thank you very much.

    • Greg,

      I got my brass screen from McMaster-Carr (www.mcmaster.com), search for “brass wire cloth.” Unfortunately I don’t recall the mesh size I used, but I *think* it was 8×8 or perhaps a little finer.

      Hope this helps –


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