We have a hangar!

Finding a large, heated hangar for rent with compressed air to boot, that’s big enough to share with two good friends and their Piper Archer, at an airport (KASH, Nashua NH) with a great restaurant¬†and a large RV community…how did I get so lucky?

The hangar!The hangar is big enough (50′ wide, 40′ deep tee) to have a nice workshop behind the Archer, and to accommodate the parts we’ve already finished on either side. Our landlord previously kept his MU-2 in this hangar, and with some careful arranging, I think we can get the assembled RV and the Archer in there with a little room to spare.

Hangar workspaceThe only downside is a bit of a commute from home and work, but it’s a small price to pay for such a good deal…

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