Thanks, Ted!

I’d like to offer my sincere thanks to Ted Cruz and other far-right Republicans in the House  of Representatives for giving me extra time to work on the RV for the next few days.  Of course, I probably won’t be able to pay my daughter’s college tuition in December but life is full of little trade-offs, isn’t it?

Thanks also to Ted and his colleagues for showing us what modern democratic governance is all about.  After all, less-capable leaders would put their narrow political self-interests in reelection, and the desire to pander to their power base, above the national good by throwing the political equivalent of a tantrum.  But not you, Ted, or your Tea Party friends…good on you!

A big thumbs up to John Boehner as well for refusing to cave in to all those nasty, wrong-headed, moderate Republican turncoats who don’t see the burning need to defeat Obama at all costs…costs that include wrecking the nation’s economy, and depriving it of a functioning government infrastructure.

And finally, kudos to Congress in general for not jumping on the no-pay bandwagon after sending 800,000 civil servants home without income.  Who knows what damage would be done to the DC economy if our wealthy senators and representatives didn’t get paid? I can only imagine what the economic impact would be to Washington’s liquor stores.

Meanwhile, December will be here before we know it. Anybody need a 50-year old kidney? I’ll make you a great deal…

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