Miscellaneous engine tasks

Lots of little wrap-up tasks remain…this weekend I installed engine sensors.

Here are the PMag connection, oil temperature, current shunt, manifold/fuel/oil pressure and fuel flow sensors all wired…

Engine sensors wired

CHT and EGT probes wired on cylinders 2 and 4…

Cylinders 1 and 3 sensors

…and the same on cylinders 1 and 3.

Cylnder 2 and 4 sensors

I’ve been putting off safety-wiring the prop bolts ’cause it’s a reall pain in the ass.

Prop safety-wired and spinner installed…but now it’s done, and as a treat to myself I installed the spinner!

2 thoughts on “Miscellaneous engine tasks

  1. Set the Mighty RV free to roam the skies!
    What a moment to see that propeller complete a lifetime dream. Congrats Dave & Ellen on your beautiful flying machine!

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