Beachcombing time

Not much to report today. I match-drilled all the #30 VS frame holes, then clecoed the skin to the frame. Like I said before – this process is much easier after doing the HS.It was a little tough to get back in the groove after a weekend on Cape Cod. The water was too cold to do any swimming, but Whits managed to log some beachcombing time.

Start on the vertical stab

We’re still waiting for PRC-DeSoto to deliver the primer we ordered almost a month ago. While horizontal stab construction is on hold, I started the vertical stab. First step is to cleco the rear spar doubler to the spar itself.

I also edge-finished, straightened and fluted all ribs. While doing this for the HS, I wound up with some scratches on the inside radius of some ribs – I think they were from my hand seamer. At any rate, they’re a pain in the butte to polish out, so this time around I covered the seamer faces with thick duct tape, and lined the inside of each rib with Scotch removable masking tape (the blue stuff you see on each rib). Worked great – no scratches.

Next step…clecoing the frame together. This whole process goes much quicker after doing it on the horizontal stabs!

DVD of the day…wait for it…classic Monty Python, including “Upper-Class Twit of the Year” and the Spanish Inquisition sketch.